Reality Check Systems

Gather 3D models and other media to help you tell your story

3D Models: surveys, planning software & more

The virtual tour has the ability to integrate 3D models from mine planning software, ArcGIS, drone photogrammetry, CAD and more.

If you are the responsible for managing elements for your company’s 3D media, be prepared to provide access to these files for inclusion. Click here for information on file formats and limitations.

3D Model Formats and Limitations

Preferred format

.fbx is the file format of choice for the RCS platform.  Ideally all files should be provided to us in this format in a “ready to use” state.

The .fbx files should be limited in size to 5 Million polygons or less.

Image file size limit in any format is 200MB.

Special note on ArcGIS models

Output file type: DEM Model which can then be converted to .fbx file by the client in Global Mapper Software or similar BY THE CLIENT.

  • Image should be 8 bit per channel, NOT 16.
  • If the image is square, 8192×8192 is the resolution we are looking for.  We can accept rectangular images where the lower dimension is 8192.

Other media to help tell your story

You can enrich your virtual tour with other media such as conventional video & photo galleries, infographics, PDFs and more.

They are helpful to highlight your processes, site safety procedures, new initiatives, and social and community initiatives.

If If you use this sort of media in your day to day role, consider offering their inclusion in the virtual tour to showcase your department by supplying them in a suitable format to the point person supervising the virtual tour or to the site general manager.

ESG initiatives and community projects

We strongly encourage our clients to use the virtual tour for promoting environmental and social initiatives.

The virtual tour allows your audience to explore and transparently learn about your projects, serving as supporting evidence to your ESG claims resulting in a stronger ESG score and a more significant impact on the company’s evaluation.